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Voyager Money

More secure, efficient Cash-to-Master. Lower costs for your business.

GNS has teamed up with Caxton, one of Europe’s largest payment card and foreign exchange specialist, to provide a more secure, efficient and cost effective way to manage Cash-to-Master. And all for a very simple, fixed annual price that is fully inclusive of ATM and other transaction fees. VOYAGER Money is just one app in VOYAGER Hub. Click here for your free download.



Save up to $10k per vessel

Online electronic transfers remove ship agent fees and eliminate secure delivery costs and bank charges. Better-than-bank foreign exchange rates and savings on cash related insurance premiums help your cash go further still. Simple and transparent up front pricing and no ATM fees makes VOYAGER Money very easy to budget and manage.

Free up cash to work harder

Transferring money to vessels on demand releases the large amount of cash currently sitting onboard not generating value and liberates your working capital.


In-built MasterCard security

VOYAGER Money features in-built MasterCard security to protect you against theft and fraud. You can cancel a card immediately, at any time, if it ever gets in the wrong hands. Less cash on board also reduces the risk of corruption and theft.

Worldwide accessibility

Vessel funds are readily accessible to the Master on one convenient and secure VOYAGER payment card that can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs, over the counter at banks and to purchase items from more than 33 million Mastercard merchant locations worldwide.


Easier crew cash

Complementary crew cards make crew cash advances and other payments easier to manage and more secure. Simply transfer cash direct to crew’s cards using the online VOYAGER Money account for instant access.

More financial control

All card activity is instantly visible when you sign into your VOYAGER Money account providing greatly enhanced financial controls and much faster and more efficient account reconciliation.


About Caxton

To bring you VOYAGER Money, GNS has partnered with Caxton FX, a leading foreign exchange company with a turnover of more than £1bn, which is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

Get started

Getting started with VOYAGER Money is simple and fast. Contact us to arrange your no obligation 6 month trial.


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