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Voyager Planning Station

A better way to get where you´re going

Voyager Planning Station improves productivity by simplifying routine tasks and reducing the risk of human error. And it’s proven to help reduce navigation related observations and deficiencies.


Why there´s nothing quite like Voyager

Voyager Planning Station is designed by our mariners and UX experts who all share the same belief – that navigation software should make complex things simpler, reduce time on mundane tasks and enhance safety. From the home page that tells you what you need to know at one glance to the simplest ENC updating, route planning and optimization – Voyager is a pleasure to use.

44.2% Fewer compliance issues

Voyager Planning Station users are less likely to get navigation-related observations or be detained. That’s because Voyager simplifies routine tasks like index management, updating and route planning and lowers risk of human error.


Navigate with less effort

Less manual data entry, cutting and pasting makes crews more productive. Voyager users waste > 20 fewer hours per week on mundane tasks. That means a more efficient and safer bridge.

Save time and fuel

We work with world’s leading weather, routing and tidal data experts to provide the best route recommendations. Simplify complex calculations and save $’000s per route.


All your tools in one place

Voyager Planning Station provides a richer back of bridge experience. Access the navigation tools you need and avoid constant switching between apps.

  • Manage, display and ENCs more easily. Get instant access to ENC permits direct onboard
  • and manage your full library of digital and paper publications.
  • Plan and optimise routes and export straight to ECDIS saving hours of rekeying.
  • Get British Admiralty, US, Japanese and other local Notices to Mariners

Perfected over years of user testing

Voyager has been robustly tested and perfected in collaboration with more than 24,000 Masters and 2nd officers to give you the very best on board digital navigation experience.

ENC and Digital Publication Management
  • ENC display (AVCS and Primar)
  • Route based ordering
  • Direct export of route files to all major ECDIS – no rekeying
  • ENC (AVCS and Primar) and AIO updating
  • Optional MET515 (US CFRs) for US trading vessels
  • Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO) display
  • Route based / user defined ENC updating
  • Voyager Instant Permit – instant access to ENC permits
  • ADP updating
Passage Planning
  • Calculation of waypoint ETAs and required leg speeds
  • Integrates with Weather (SPOS and AWT) services
  • Integrates with findaport from Shipping Guides
  • Supports Port State Control and SMS requirements
  • Integrates with Admiralty TotalTide,
  • Integrates with AtoBviaC
  • Integrates with ICC Piracy information
  • Reduces manual data entry and the risk of human error
Paper Chart Management
  • Paper chart and publication catalogue
  • Admiralty NTM Booklet PDF
  • Enhanced NavArea Warnings*
  • National chart s for Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and US
  • Paper chart and publication ordering
  • Paper char and publication innovation
  • British Admiralty Tracings
Miscellaneous Publications
  • Miscellaneous publication management
  • * Our Enhanced Navarea Warnings service displays both the consecutive number and the actual text of the warning is available, providing an important supplement to the mandatory Navtext and Sat C EGC Service.

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